A Day Out in Lewes

For ages I’d wanted to visit the beautiful, historic town of Lewes, nestled in the hills of East Sussex. In December I got my chance. Its character and buildings are timeless reminders of England in the Middle Ages, with its own medieval castle. No-one does Bonfire Night on 5th November better than the people of Lewes. On the day itself, it’s impossible to get in and out of the town via public transport.



Lewes Castle is a popular tourist attraction in the town, but like most castles entry is a little on the expensive side. Although I didn’t walk up to the castle and look around the interior, I enjoyed walking past the garden and through this historic gate. You can walk through the gate and follow the path, then look out over the rooftops of the town below. It’s stunning, especially on a sunny day.

view,trees and rooftops

My boyfriend and I explored the town via its narrow, winding paths and pretty streets, and were excited by the prospect of not knowing which road we’d end up on. The scenery was beautiful, and after walking about five or ten minutes away from the castle we found this view. The English countryside and scenes like this were something I’d been craving while I lived in Australia. Smoke rose from chimneys below in the town, and the smell of burning wood hung in the air. My favourite winter smell.

Waterstones, Lewes

After a coffee and pigs in blankets macaroni cheese at Costa (it was amazing – try it if you get the chance), we went into the nearest Waterstones. I’d seen photos of the bookshop on Google, and wanted to shop there for myself. I was not disappointed, look at the gorgeous display! I bought a classic Penguin edition of Sherlock Holmes; the Penguin Complete Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

We then wandered up the road to the Flint Owl Bakery, where we had some chocolate chip shortbread and cake. All the desserts were laid out on a wooden counter, available for customers to help themselves and then pay at the till. It was very olde-worlde and even the bathroom had character. The staff were very friendly and helpful.

Lewes shops

One of my favourite things about Lewes, which my boyfriend pointed out, was that most buildings have their date of establishment on the side. If you look closely in the above picture, you can see ‘1770’ between the timber and paint on the exterior of the second building.

I hope you had a lovely New Years and enjoyed this post about beautiful Lewes.
S x

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