My Skin Care Routine

This week has been so busy, so I haven’t posted as much as I’d planned. I wrote this one a few days ago but haven’t felt awake enough to proofread and publish it! One of my favourite types of blog posts to read are on skin care. I love reading about other people’s make up and skin care routines, and thought you might like to know mine. Some products were mentioned in my post Favourite Beauty Products from 2018.

Until last year I always used thick moisturisers. I found that often these would leave my skin with a shiny or oily finish. In Boots I came across a different kind of moisturiser by L’Oreal. It’s called Hydra Genius Hydrating Liquid, and is priced at £6-10. This aloe water leaves my skin feeling completely hydrated, moisturised and ready for the day. It doesn’t affect the application of makeup once dried either. If you have dry skin and are struggling to find a product to give your face the moisture it needs, please try this. I apply it twice a day, once before I put my makeup on and again in the evening after I remove my makeup.

A product I use once a week, if that, is the L’Oreal Paris Smooth Sugar Clear Kiwi Face and Lip Scrub that I bought on ASOS. It’s priced from around £6-14. I love Kiwi fruit and this scrub is so smooth and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and soft (also smells amazing). I usually use it on my face and lips after wearing a full face of makeup and lipstick. The reason I don’t use it often is because the small pots are a little expensive and don’t last very long. But it’s perfect for every now and then!

Every day I wash my face with the Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil 3-in-1 – a combination of face wash, scrub and mask – to clear my pores. It’s a bit expensive at £8.50 but worth every penny! It keeps my skin feeling smooth and fresh. I bought it to rescue my face after a breakout in November, and although the spots didn’t go away immediately, it gradually cleared my skin and I haven’t had another breakout since.

So you’re probably sensing a L’Oreal theme here, but I do love their skin care and makeup products. Every now and then I use their Pure Clay Glow Mask, priced from £4-9. Rather than having to peel off the mask, it washes off with warm water. The clay mask leaves my skin feeling refreshed and is ideal for a self-care morning or evening. I first discovered L’Oreal’s face masks when I found the Multi-Masking Play Kit, which included three small pots of different mask types. One charcoal, one eucalyptus and one red algae. All three are amazing and each have their different purposes for facial skin care.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to recommend your favourite skin care products below in the comments.
S x

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