Revolution Makeup Look

I’m planning to start writing more beauty posts because I love makeup, and would love to share with you some of the products I’m using. This post is a follow-up to my post a few weeks ago, my Revolution Makeup Haul. Vlogging isn’t really my type of thing, in fact I’d probably have an anxiety attack if I tried (in all seriousness). But I’m determined to share through writing, hence this blog post, and I’d be grateful to hear whether or not you want to see more beauty posts from me.

This is the everyday look that I’ve created with the Revolution Re-loaded Visionary Palette, which I bought from Superdrug for £4. I love the fact that the colours aren’t messy. Usually I get powder down the side of my face, and it’s annoying having to hold a tissue next to my eye to prevent that. Thankfully, the Revolution palettes exceed my expectations and now I can buy makeup that works without breaking the bank.

I love the cat-eye look, and have drawn on wings since early high school. My look has changed dramatically over the years but eyeliner is something I always use. It opens up my eyes and gives the illusion of the thicker eyelashes that I crave.

I’ve numbered the different eye-shadows according to the order I used them in. So number 1 I used under my eyebrow and in the corners of my eyes to give a sparkly, cream/green glow. Often I use the white here to begin with, then add the sparkly light cream/green (it’s more green irl). Number 2 is a lovely soft beige that I brush all over my lid. Then number 3 is the shimmery, bright pink that I add above my eyeliner on the actual eye lid. This can be darker, depending on how neutral or bold you want your makeup to be. I didn’t go that bold the day I took this picture, and you can barely see number 4. My bolder looks are still in the making. The fourth colour, the beautiful purple, is light to begin with but you can add more of it and also add the darker purple to give it a bolder effect. Finish off the look with the I Love Revolution Unicorns Heart rainbow highlighter. I used the Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow highlighting palette for bronzer and blush. Please note that the numbers I used to indicate which colours I used are different to the actual numbers on the back of the palette.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know your recommended Revolution products in the comments!
S x

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